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: IMC new committee
: mbusu December 19, 2010, 09:09:23 AM
26th November 2010

IMC new committee

On Saturday 20/11/2010, the President of the IMC club, Maj Mark Said held an
extraordinary meeting of all the members of the club. Maj Said decided to resign
from President of the Club due to work commitments and to hand over the Club’s
management to a new committee. The members present at this meeting elected the
below IMC pilot/owners to form the new IMC committee:-

Alfred Gatt – President
Adrian Pace – Secretary
Austin Cachia – Treasurer
Leon Xuereb – Safety Officer
Justin Farrugia – Public Relations Officer
Andrew Cilia – Member
Mark Laferla Jr – Member

The new committee has in the meantime setup a new Club Statute and has declared
the following Mission Statement:

“The Island Microlight Club is a non-for-profit organization founded to encourage,
develop and facilitate the flying sport in Malta and Gozo through education, safety
and good airmanship.”


Adrian Pace

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