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: Stella Maris Scouts reach new heights
: mbusu February 15, 2011, 12:17:11 PM
6th February 2011: Stella Maris Scouts reach new heights

The Stella Maris College Scout Group spent a day at the airport last Sunday, where they also flew in a small aircraft and obtained their Airman badge.
The event was organised in conjunction with the Island Microlight Club. The 25 scouts and leaders present attended theoretical sessions and gained hands-on practice through the small fleet of six microlight planes.
The activity started with an introductory session about microlights.
An instructor from the Island Microlight Club also explained how these aircraft work and how flight is achieved, with the aid of working models and real aircraft parts for demonstration.
The scouts then visited the Malta Air Traffic Services control tower, to gain insight into how air traffic is managed. The group was also taken around the Airwing Hangar of the Armed Forces of Malta, during which an overview of the different aircraft used by the army was given.
After clearance to take off came from the control tower, scouts then had the opportunity to experience a half-hour-long flight on a microlight.
Each scout was assigned to an experienced pilot, who helped the young scouts co-pilot the plane, putting into practice what they learnt earlier in the day.
Through this activity, the scouts managed to complete all the requirements for their Airman badge, which is a first for the Stella Maris College Scout Group.
The badges were presented to the scouts by Island Microlight Club president Alfred Gatt.



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