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- Club activity at Hal-Far

Island Microlight Club

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: Club activity at Hal-Far
: mbusu April 01, 2011, 02:33:56 PM

Yesterday, Thursday 31/03/2011, was a day to remember!  A group of 8 microlights piloted by pilot/owners of the Club, took part in the Charity event organised by the Malta Drag Racing Association in collaboration with INSPIRE.  At 0800 hrs, the microlights took off from Luqa Airport and landed safely at the Hal-Far Racing track.  They were then parked on the main race track and people attending this activity were generally interested in our sport.

On behalf of the Committee, Pilot owners and members of the  Club, I wish to thank the Director of Civil Aviation, Mr Ian Falzon and Assistant Director of Civil Aviation Mr Charles Caruana Trikkas  for making our dream of landing and taking off at the Hal-Far race track yesterday come true.  This event  is being  considered by us, aviation enthusiasts, a historic event in itself since it was the first time since wartime that a number of planes made use of the ex- Hal-Far runway.  We were all thrilled by the fact that the committee of the MDRA and Inspire together with all those people who attended yesterday's event were so interested in seeing planes  landing and taking off from their race track.  There were a good number of people, including DJ Mario (Banana) (who are car racing enthusiasts) who told us that they never thought that our sport was so safe, interesting and affordable! 

Furthermore, the event was excellently and professionally organised; there were Fire Fighting teams, ambulances from the Red Cross, and safety marshallers on duty, at all times.  There was this kind of enthusiasm in the air by all those present and I strongly feel that this contributed greatly to the complete success of this event.

May I take this opportunity to thank all pilot/owners who took part in this event; the Club committee for their continued support, and to Paul Pace and Mario Mifsud of the MDRA for kindly inviting us to their race-track, to DJ Mario (Banana), the organiser of this activity, who was enthusiastic to know more about our sport and to Renato Vella of Inspire for inviting us to take part in this activity.  It was our pleasure to take part, since we strongly believe that such an activity organised on behalf of a philanthropic organisation for a good cause should be supported by all at all times. 

Once again, thank you for your continued support and co-operation in making the aviation sport more interesting to us.

With very kind regards,

Adrian D. Pace
Club Secretary
Island Microlight Club

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