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: Soloflight Global - Dave Sykes in Malta
: mbusu May 10, 2011, 08:49:49 PM
9th May 2011:

Dear fellow members of the Island Microlight Club,

As most of you know, Dave Sykes has left Malta yesterday morning at 0900 hrs and is presently in Greece from where he will continue his journey to Australia.  Yesterday, on TVM 2000 hrs news a feature was shown about Dave's journey.  He was interview last Friday and the aerial shots were taken yesterday morning from on board the 9H-UZZ piloted by Leon.  Dave's plane was escorted by 9ZZ out to sea.  Here is a link to TVM's feature on Dave's journey:

I wish to thank Leon, Andrew and others for their support to Dave whilst he was in Malta.  Prosit guys!!

More information about Dave Sykes' epic adventure on - check out the link "Track my Journey" on his site!

Adrian Pace, club secretary

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