Recommended Reading  
  The following is a list of books that we can recommend
for both the aspiring and qualified microlight pilot.
Most of these books are available from The Book


  The Microlight Pilot's Handbook - Brian Cosgrove

Brian Cosgrove's classic introduction to the world of microlight flying has endeared itself to several generations of pilots. To read a 'Cossy' has been the advice given to candidates for the PPL(A) Microlight examinations since the book was first published in the early days of the sport. Now the book has been redesigned and utilizes colour illustrations to help the reader understand more clearly the principles of flight, signals and meteorology. The text has been thoroughly revised to bring current information to enthusiasts around the world. It also provides a real understanding and recognition of the factors that influence safe flight.


  Air Law for Microlight Pilots - Geoff Weighell

Air Law for Microlight Pilots is the first book to deal specifically with Air Law as it relates to pilots of microlights, gliders, balloons, paramotors, gyrocopters and other ‘sport aviation’ pilots. Designed to enable to user to pass the relevant UK Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL) air law examination, it will be equally invaluable for the qualified pilot seeking to update his or her knowledge of aviation law, flight rules and procedures. This book sets out to detail those parts of Aviation Law which are relevant to sports aviation (recreational) pilots, focusing in particular on microlight pilots where powered aircraft are concerned, explaining the detail of the subject in a commonsense way designed to help the reader learn.
Comprehensive, readable and illustrated throughout (including a full colour section), this book will become the standard reference for sports aviation law. It also includes comprehensive progress and revision questions and answers to help the reader consolidate his or her knowledge.

  Pilot's Weather - Brian Cosgrove

This book breaks new ground in the presentation of what is and should be presented as a fascinating and vitally important part of a pilot's skill. Gone are the dreary old monotone drawings of isobars and fronts, endless graphs and reams of figures and in bounce full colour photos of what you actually see - clouds and cloudscapes that tell you instantly what's happening to the air around you.
For those who fly aircraft and micros, gliders or kites - this book makes the weather make sense.