Video Gallery 
  Digital video DV. Non-linear editing vegas video, adobe premier. Render to .mpg, .avi, .divx, SLR Cameras Canon. 85mm - 200mm. full motion video and special effects. animation and flight simulators.


Local formation flight with two Thrusters, reg 9H-UMC and 9H-UMD over Malta.  

9th June 2007 - two microlights headed towards Oasi Dei Re airfield in south Sicily, 9H-UMK and 9H-UMS.


Microlight operations from Gozo heliport

Malta International Airshow 2007, microlight exhibition.
Video from Storch 9H-UMK by Mark Busuttil.





9H-UMM Savannah "Avultun" owner/pilot/builder Michael Camilleri.
Local flight around Malta International Airport. Video by Mark Busuttil.

Fly Synthesis Storch reg 9H-UMK; owners Mark Busuttil and Leon Xuereb.
Local flight, 1st June 2007.


X-Air reg. 9H-UMP over west coast of Malta. Pilot/owner Adrian Pace.

Flylab Tucano reg 9H-UMF. Piloted by previous owner Michael Camilleri, video by Adrian Pace.